Why Are Insights So Important?
Posted by Developed Edge on 6th April in Business Customer Experience Differentiation Marketing Strategies Sales sales training

With so little to differentiate the functional performance of most of the top products, the emphasis to create the desire for change now rests squarely with the person standing in front of the customer. And the thing that the customer wants most in business-to-business sales, more than they care about the brand or want a better price, or a focus on service delivery, are factors associated with the purchase experience.

A contributing element within the purchase experience is the ability to share and provide unique insights with respect to the customer’s industry or market. And so developing an acute understanding of these insights is a key route to creating value by contributing to the purchase experience.

Insights create value as they:

  • Transfer knowledge
  • Share ideas
  • Raise awareness
  • Explore options
  • Consider possibilities
  • Create paradigm shifts
  • Create a future vision
  • Teach
  • Facilitate connection
  • Demonstrate credibility

As such, the next step is to develop at least ten insights linked to your product or service and then to use those to develop the customer conversation. In doing so we move beyond the transactional sale and begin to establish ourselves as Credible Experts.


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