The Credible Expert
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The Credible Expert is a must-read for anyone in the medical industry who is looking to stand out, create more opportunities and grow their business. After reading it you will:

  • Understand how the market has changed and what you need to do to capitalise on it
  • Consider the characteristics of the ‘intrapreneur’ and the rise of these dynamic high performers
  • Identify the four pillars of human factors and how to leverage them to your advantage
  • Understand how to identify the right customers
  • Identify the required elements of a clear, compelling and consistent answer to the question, ‘why should someone work with you?’
  • Understand how to identify Critical Issues affecting your customers
  • Develop an approach for creating thought provoking and change enabling discussions
  • Identify the three essential roles of the professional sales person
  • Understand exactly what it means to ‘create value’ and how to do it

Here’s a little of what people have said about, The Credible Expert…

I consider myself an experienced Sales Person. From Medical Representative in 1981 to Sales Director in 2003 and running my own Company for 5 years. I thought I was good with people and had been relatively successful. The important word is ‘relatively’. I never actually cracked it. I then read The Credible Expert and completed the Programme. I dismantled all the old sales courses, principles and predispositions I had in my head. I reconstructed my thinking. It’s not been painful it’s been a rejuvenation. It’s not been easy but it’s been a delight. It’s been rewarding and I feel I have been more successful in all my sales interactions. I 100% recommend the books, processes and Programme. I have only one regret – I wish I had adopted this process ten years ago. 

Niall Barry, Country Manager Scotland and Ireland 

Two pages in and I knew that this book was exactly what I was looking for. In my experience, sales training has always focused on ‘features and benefits’ sales models. But The Credible expert is different… really different. This book provides concepts, frameworks, ideas, but more importantly it is a practical, multi-layered template. A template that can be used by any sales person in any organisation that wants to be different and successful. I have used Michae’ls approach to project manage my accounts, to identify the ‘right’ customer and their critical issues and then to present my unique offer, at the three product levels, resulting in greater opportunity, greater confidence and of course, growth. 

Ceire Rochford, Clinical Sales Specialist

Having worked with Michael for the last 12 months, we have seen some real changes in the approach and mindset of our team. The market we are working in has changed rapidly in the last 18 months to two years, and we are having to constantly change our approach to keep up with these changes. Michael’s programme has helped equip us well for this, providing us with a real drive to increase our knowledge and understanding of the market and our customers, to truly become more Credible Experts.

Jon Dawson, Business Unit Head, UK

Michael has brought to the attention how the traditional salesperson has to change as the customers and world has changed. This can be adapted into most industries not just Medical Devices. Ultimately I want to implement these concepts into the sales teams I manage. I see the how the market and our customers have changed – the way we sell needs to catch up. 

Jonathan Penny, Senior Director EMEA

During my career in medical sales I have seen increased competition, better-informed customers, and the development of a much more complex sales process. The irony is that our approach to the sales process during this time hasn’t changed in any measurable way. ‘The Credible Expert’ expertly charts the changes in the customers purchasing journey, and in a very practical way, develops a new path towards long-term sales success.

Andrew Rowlatt, Head Of Group Sales

At last a book which evokes critical thinking, supported by practical exercises that can be effortlessly applied by sales professionals. This book gives you the opportunity to take extracts and activities which can be applied with individuals, teams and customers. The Credible Expert will educate and coach a novice sales person and challenge and stretch the most successful and experienced sales professional. Importantly it recognises the influence and significance of the sales professional, something that cannot be underestimated in this era. An enjoyable read, highly recommended for anyone looking to succeed in sales.

Stephen Kemp, UK Regional Sales Manager

This is a must have book in any sales professional’s armoury. Michael’s unique approach really does set the benchmark for a whole new style of selling in these differing and challenging times. The ideas and principles provide the opportunity to offer insights to customers they’ve never seen before (no more features, advantages and benefits) and will set you apart from the competition and ultimately close the sale! His style and structure of writing makes this an incredibly easy and compelling read. I can’t recommend this book highly enough! 5 Stars!

Matt Seago, Surgical Equipment Sales Specialist

I have witnessed an expedited change in the medical sales industry over the past few years. The challenges we now face in an ever-changing market have lead us to look at different approaches to engage with our customers, to create significance and value. Michael’s work with our sales team based around his first book, ‘ GO NAKED’ has made a significant difference to the business, and the application of new ideas has had a positive impact on the team. ‘The Credible Expert’ covers a lot of new information and it is delivered again in easy to absorb chapters. Another great read. 

Becky Blackwell, Head of Business Development, England & Wales

As a procurement person reading this book, The Credible Expert provides a blueprint and process for the new and experienced sales person to create significance in the ever changing world of Procurement – when meeting the modern procurement professional for the first time or through developing relationships. The ever changing needs of the now complex customer means the modern sales person is now required to teach, persuade, implement, support and add value. This book delivers a variety of processes to fully support that need.

George Anderson, Head of Contracts

Selling in an environment such as the cost conscious NHS has become evermore complex. Now, not only the end user is involved, but managers, procurement and external commissioners, all of whom often dictate whether a product is used. This book addresses these complex interactions, and will guide the reader through these hurdles to make a difference in your sales and strategy.

Jake Timothy, Consultant Neurosurgeon

 In this book Michael Smith explains how and why being the credible expert will help you grow business from the moment you start reading. It is relevant and credible from the get go. He brings us new concepts, possibilities and shows us how to navigate to sales success. You will return to this book over and over as a best practice map for sales leaders who walk the walk and can talk the talk!

Diane Irvine, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Smith has written an indispensable book for any sales person, business owner or thought leader who wants to attract more customers, followers and fans. In particular, the chapters on developing an owner’s mindset, ‘intrapreneurship’ and stakeholder mapping will put you and your business on the path to success in internal relationship building and customer communication. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be seen as a leader and expert problem solver in their market. Dr. Isaiah Hankel,

Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur

If you’re in the UK, you can find it here.

And if you’re outside the UK, it’s available here.

I hope you enjoy the ideas and that you can apply any of them in your business and to make a difference.


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