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Developed Edge® Sales Audit

We use the Developed Edge® Sales Audit Tool to determine your current performance around 11 areas which are instrumental to sales and business success.

The Sales Audit Tool then creates a gap analysis between your current state and that which, based on our experience and expertise, is likely to lead to increased sales.

The output of the audit is specific to you and your business, and we guarantee at least 20 key recommendations which when implemented, will result in increased sales.

You can take our mini-assessment below.

Answer the following 11 questions in our mini-assessment below to find out whether your business has the potential to improve performance and gain the Developed Edge.


Does the company currently have a ‘number one’ focus area or objective which is visible throughout the organisation?

Yes No

Does the company have a common understanding of why customers should work with you?

Yes No

Do you understand the challenges driving the buying decision of current and potential customers?

Yes No

Can the whole team describe the company’s current growth plans, in terms of both your product/service offering and the customer/market target?

Yes No

Does the company currently have a defined sales process aligned to how your customers buy?

Yes No

Do you have detailed plans in place as to how the sales team is going to achieve the next 12 months’ sales plan?

Yes No

Does the company currently have KPIs in place to measure the quantity, quality, and direction of sales performance throughout the year?

Yes No

Do you know which 20% of the company’s customers generate 80% of your revenue, and which 20% of your sales team generate 80% of your revenue?

Yes No

Does the company currently have a set of defined competencies for each of your sales people?

Yes No

Does the company currently provide dedicated sales training?

Yes No

Do you currently have individual development plans for your people?

Yes No
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