New Training Company Has The Edge
Posted by Developed Edge on 1st November in Sales

New training company launches unique learning and development approach to the healthcare market and an array of partners, services and products

A NEW company that provides training and consulting programmes for people working in the healthcare industry has been launched today by a group of senior medical device sales and marketing professionals.

UK-based company, Developed Edge, aims to support the growth and development of those operating within this specialised marketplace by delivering thought-provoking and practically applicable training programmes.

Unlike other training and development companies, Developed Edge provides a market-specific service portfolio which acknowledges the needs of the industry. In addition to providing sales and leadership training, they also have a range of consulting and coaching services to support those working in the healthcare and medical device fields.

Developed Edge, which is based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, was founded by a group industry professionals which included Michael and Andrea Smith, both of whom have huge experience of the international healthcare market, having worked for some of the biggest companies in the sector. They in turn have established a domestic and international network of complimentary service providers whom they believe can offer real-world advantages to their customer base.

As such, Michael Smith stresses that the company is built on the principles of credibility and connection and that it offers something different to traditional sales and leadership programmes that are currently being offered by other providers.

Group Director Michael Smith said: ‘The whole idea is that we offer something different to the traditional sales and leadership programmes which have been out in the market for the last 20 years, and that we do that by combining our industry experience with our focus on connection to support companies operating in the changing marketplace which we’re faced with. The service companies we have partnered with share that ambition”

Developed Edge has already created a range of courses which operate as one-day, two-day and bespoke programmes, many of which can be seen here.

In addition to Sales, Developed Edge provides programmes around Leadership and Coaching and many of the ideas are based on the underlying principles of Michael’s acclaimed first book which launched earlier in the year.

Developed Edge has created a partnership network of service companies, including:

Training partners

  • Healthcare Skills International, based at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank
  • Business consultancy Go MAD Thinking, based in Leicestershire
  • Michael Smith’s GO NAKED Selling
  • Leeds Becket University and its Leadership Centre

Recruitment partners

  • Consult Search and Selection, based in Sheffield
  • G2 Healthcare Resourcing, based in Surrey

Furthermore, Developed Edge has agreed a working partnership with UK-based Linked2Success to provide specialist social medial training for its business-to-business customers.

Finally, InnerAction, based in Geneva with offices in more than 40 countries, will act as the international local-language training partner of Developed Edge to support the implementation of its development programmes outside of the UK.

Through its partnerships with Healthcare Skills International and Leeds Business School, Developed Edge can provide programmes that are accredited by both education qualification provider EduQual and leadership and management qualification and training company ILM.

Business Development Director Andrea Smith said: “It was our goal to create an organisation that not only supports an industry which is close to our hearts but does so in a way in keeping with the way we believe business should be managed – that being the combination of credibility and connection. As such, the programmes which carry an externally recognised qualification are a key part of the portfolio.”

Michael added, ‘Each programme we have created is robust and credible in its content, it is what I’d call ‘real world tested’ – in others words, the principles work in the day-to-day environment we operate in;’

As part of its drive to create an organisation under-pinned by credibility and connection, the company is currently establishing a network of UK-wide accredited trainers, each with their own industry and training experience, who can deliver and support the implementation of their programmes.

During 2014, Developed Edge delivered a range of pilot courses and they are now taking bookings for their 2015 courses and further details of upcoming events and the service offering can be found at their new website or by contacting them directory via or phoning on 01423 340384.