Getting It Cheap
Posted by Developed Edge on 22nd March in Business Coaching Customer Experience Differentiation Making a Difference Marketing Strategies Sales Significance

Delight, trust and personal connection don’t come from ‘getting it cheaper there’.

Assuming you’re offering an equivalent scope of product or service, positioning yourself as the cheapest in the market is rarely a viable approach in the long-run, and it’s unlikely it will remain an equivalent scope of product or service for long.

And so beware the person who tells you, ‘I can give it to you cheaper here’.

If you’re a customer, then you may save in the short-term. Similarly, if you’re a supplier then you may even win business in the short-term.  But in the event that your product or service isn’t good enough, it’s unlikely that charging less or offering the customer their money back when they complain will result in them running to their friends, waxing lyrically about your product or service.

In the same way that there’s always someone bigger or stronger than you in the playground, there’s always someone cheaper. And in the same way that bigger or stronger doesn’t equal better, neither does cheaper.

So yes, you may be able to get it cheaper there and, by all means, if that’s what you want, go ahead.

Just don’t be surprised if you’re not delighted with the experience or the end result.


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