Free! New E-Book – The Seven Deadly Sins Of Selling
Posted by Developed Edge on 5th March in Sales

When you strip it all back, sales – the act of meeting a customer’s needs and providing them with something which matches those needs – is pretty simple really.

You find out what the customer needs, demonstrate that what you have meets those needs, and bang – you make the sale.

What could go wrong?

When you look at the reasons why people don’t generate the results that their knowhow and experience should deliver, there are usually a number of consistent themes; themes that arise over time, through habit or uncertainty, or pressures to be all things to all people.

Because let’s face it. None of us head into our calls to not make the sale.

Far from it. The vast majority of us strive for excellence and to be the best.

So what goes wrong?

Well, from time-to-time, we all commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins Of Selling.

Often not through choice, or consciously, but just because.

Because they’re easy mistakes to make.

If you’re in a sales role, if you’re looking for increased performance and higher growth, then make sure you know the Seven Deadly Sins Of Selling – and how to beat them.

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The Seven Deadly Sins Of Selling

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The Seven Deadly Sins Of Selling