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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What does Developed Edge do?

Developed Edge is a training and development organisation that works primarily with medical device companies. We help identify the best way to sell to your customers, and then create competency-based training programmes. We publish content, run events and deliver training programmes and our aim is to become the number one choice for individuals and companies who want to accelerate sales within the medical industry. We believe that success in sales is a choice, and that by involving the right people and doing the right things in the right way, everyone has the ability to develop and achieve success.

How do we know if the sales training has been successful?

At the end of our work, we complete a return on investment analysis to determine the impact of our work and what your ROI is. To date we consistently demonstrate an average return on investment between 9.5 and 13.5 times the level of investment. You can see more about our delegate feedback here.

How do we ensure that the sales training isn’t a short-term fix, when we want long-term gain?

We see change as a process, not an event. As such, we work with most companies over a minimum of twelve months and with a series of interventions. All of our programmes are designed to be thought provoking and practically applicable and so we commit learners to action at the end of each session. In addition, we conduct intra-module follow up that takes the form of online learning and group conference calls. We also leverage our own bespoke online learning management system, Developed Edge Connect. Finally, we work with accrediting bodies such as the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Standards Office to accredit our programmes and develop in-house facilitators and training teams so that you are in control of your future training delivery.

How does Developed Edge keep updated with industry changes?

We’re by-industry, for-industry and, as such, we have members of our team who are still actively working in industry roles. We are a training and development organisation and so take our own personal and professional development seriously. We want to help create Credible Experts in our industry and therefore believe we must also be Credible Experts.

How is Developed Edge different?

Everyone who works with Developed Edge has also worked within the medical industry – everyone has carried the bag. Whether that be our employees, our training associates or our faculty, everyone is either currently or has previously served in healthcare based roles. We’re by-industry, for-industry.

Why should you work with us?

We are committed to developing modern, dynamic, and highly empowered sales organisations; to pursue a better way to more customers, increased sales, and higher growth.

How would Developed Edge work with your Sales team?

After an initial phone conversation, we meet with you, and often a small group of your leadership/management team, to conduct a free-of-charge 90 minute Discovery Session. You can learn more about the Discovery Session here. We then provide you with a customised training proposal based on your critical issues, current and future states, and your over-arching goals. Everyone is different, so no two programmes are the same. We have two primary programmes of work that form the core of our approach:
  • Selling Fundamentals
  • Customised Sales Acceleration Programme

Which clients have you worked with previously?

Although we work with a range of clients, our ideal team profile is:
  • UK based with an annual turnover of at least £20 million
  • A field-based customer-facing team of at least 15 people
  • Dedicated to the development of their organisation’s capabilities
This may be a company, business unit, or division sales team. Some of our clients include Covidien/Medtronic, Bausch and Lomb, Advanced Medical Solutions, American Medical Systems, Purple Surgical, Liaison Healthcare, Salts Healthcare, Teleflex, and PEI. You can see what our customers and delegates say by clicking here. [add testimonial video]

How would the training equally engage experienced and inexperienced sales people within our organisation?

All of our programmes are designed to be thought provoking and practically applicable, and each person builds their own individual action plan throughout our programmes. Each plan is specific to that person and their own territory and so the learning becomes tailored to their selling environment.
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