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Your Challenges

As a sales manager, you and your organisation face seven main challenges as you look to generate more customers, increased sales and deliver higher growth in today's market

  • Adapting to the changes in the marketplace
  • Identifying the right customers
  • Winning time with key decision makers
  • Moving beyound the feature-benefit sell
  • Standing out against the competition
  • Helping customers deliver their strategic objectives and key priorities
  • Gaining message clarity

Developed Edge is a training and development organisation that works exclusively with medical companies. We help identify the best way to sell to your customers, and then create completency-base training programmes.

We publish content, run events and deliver training programmes and our aim is to become the number one choice for individuals and companies who want to accelerate sales within the medical industry.

We believe that success in sales is a choice, and that by involving the right people and doing the right things in the right way, everyone has the ability to develop and achieve success.

Everything that we do is designed to be thought-provoking and practically applicable.

is the discovery session right for you?

This complimentary workshop is available only to those companies who are:

  • UK based with an annual turnover of at least £20 million
  • A field-based customer-facing team of at least 15 people
  • Dedicated to the development of their organisation’s capabilities

What Could 90 Minutes Be Worth?

The Discovery Session is a free-of-charge 90 minute workshop undertaken by one of the Developed Edge team, all of whom have spent their careers working in global healthcare organisations, either in hospital or commercial roles.

Investing 90 minutes of your time in our Discovery Session facilitates an initial assessment of your team’s goals, capabilities and development areas, and will provide you with a range of actionable tactics to establish more customers, increased sales and higher growth.

What's next?

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