Creating Space Versus Creating Time
Posted by Developed Edge on 7th November in Business Coaching Creativity Entrepreneurship Making a Difference Marketing Strategies Sales

We can’t create time. What we have is finite. There aren’t more hours in a day or days in a week to be had. When it’s gone, its gone and nothing will change that.

And so it’s perhaps easy to get caught up in the perpetual cycle of churn, of shifting from one thing to the next without pausing to consider why we’re doing what we’re doing. Striving for the end of the to-do list, on a mission to bring pending tasks to zero, or reaching the unachievable goal of a clear inbox.

But we all have the opportunity to create space; that window of opportunity within our schedules to do the important work that defines the intraprenuer, and sets them apart from the everyday cog within an ever-whirring machine.

Therefore the question isn’t what did you get done, more what did you choose to relinquish, to create space for the chance to do something of value that makes a difference to you or your organisation.

Getting to the bottom of a list is seldom that thing.

The average consumer requires 10.4 interactions or touches from a would-be supplier before they are willing to make a purchase decision. And the average buying group now consists of 5.4 members.

That’s potentially over 50 cumulative interactions required to influence the thinking of any given customer institution or organisation.

As with anything that’s worth doing, developing the creativity to consider the scope of possible interactions requires time to think. And there will never be enough hours in a day or days in a week to do that work unless you make it a priority to create the space.

 What are you doing today to create the space for your important work?


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