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Assessment For Development

Once they’re in, the question is, ‘how can you get the best out of your people?’ Find out how we can help.

Nurturing talented people is critical for your success, but first it is important to identify those who have that talent. In addition, understanding the behaviours which have has led to an individual’s current success may be different to the behaviours required for future success in any given role. We can help you to define these abilities so that your development initiatives are focusing on the right behaviours at the right point in time, whether formally (through the design of a full organisational competency framework) or more informally.

Establishing a baseline for personal development will help to ensure development initiatives are focused and efficient.

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Development Centres

Development Centres that are designed around those behaviours you have identified for success will fairly and objectively identify those with the potential, motivation and commitment to take the organisation forward as the next generation of managers and senior managers.

They can be carried out with multiple participants, or individually, depending on the level of seniority and depth of assessment required.

Such an investment raises self awareness amongst staff, helps people understand what they need to do to succeed, gives the sense of a longer term career path within your organisation and, ultimately, will help you to retain your best people.

At our development centres we focus on 3 steps:

1. Ask participants to complete a series of exercises and profiles to establish key strengths and development needs. This would be delivered in a similar way to an assessment centre, but positioned appropriately so as to ensure participants see it as an opportunity, not a threat

2. Give clear and detailed feedback to individual and (if appropriate) their line manager, both face to face and via a written development reports

3. Work with individuals, line managers and HR, or Learning and Development teams to create a bespoke development plan, with clear milestones and targets, focused on closing relevant skills gaps, maximising key strengths, and preparing individuals for promotion.

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